German Auto Repair in Eugene

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Mon - Thu: 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Impeccable Record-Keeping

We have the latest computer hardware with a total of 8 computer terminals located around the office and repair shop. Each is connected to a dual drive server for speed and reliable. They have the latest CDs loaded on the hard drive with up to date repair manuals on every car we service. With a fast connection to the internet, we have subscriptions to factory sites with the latest info. We even keep our records in a fire proof vault so we will always have the records on your car. We believe you've got more important things to do than to fret about when your oil needs changing or your fan belts need checking. That's our job, and in a matter of seconds we can review our records and tell you exactly what your car needs. Our computer even averages your auto's miles per month and figures out when you'll need a particular service. You'll get a timely reminder in the mail from us.

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