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The Crew

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George Rode - President and Owner | Autohaus

George Rode

President and Owner

George has been working on cars since 1970. He found in high school that he had unsurpassed mechanical skills with electric devices. After graduating from high school, he went through two years of college, financ... read more

Cynthia Kallunki - Business Manager | Autohaus

Cynthia Kallunki

​Business Manager

Cynthia first came to Euro-Asian at the age of 5 in 1981. Her mother was the bookkeeper at EuroAsian Automotive (European Auto Repair then) while going to school at LCC and then U of O. She moved to California in 19... read more

Jesse Wilson - General Manager | Autohaus

Jesse Wilson

​General Manager

Jesse Wilson, General Manager. In 1977 Jesse started as the shipping and receiving... read more

Mike Vitus - Shop Forman and Co-Owner | Autohaus

Mike Vitus

Shop Forman and Co-Owner

Mike has been in the auto service field since 1986. He worked at 3 other shops before coming to work at Euro-Asian, our sister shop, in 1993. When Autohaus was bought by George, Mike moved here to become shop for... read more

George Keim - Technician | Autohaus

George Keim


George w... read more

Rob Mug

Rob Soares

Assistant Business Manager

Rob .. read more

Sheba & Cosmo Rode | Autohaus

Sheba & Cosmo Rode

Client Reception

Sheba is my 3rd standard poodle; she was born January 29, 2007. Our newest addition to the family is Cosmo. He is my 4th standard poodle; born in February of 2014. ... read more