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Oil leaks, when maintenance and repairs are needed.

       One question always going through my mind is, “What is the right amount of vehicle maintenance:”   Too much, and you’re wasting money; not enough, and the vehicle’s dependable life flies out the window.    The owner’s manual has great information on what to do and when.   But – and this is a big but – are the maintenance recommendations enough to ensure the vehicle last a long time?    On one end of the spectrum is the “up sell” of fluid changes; oil or fluid wiped on a white rag showing how dirty it is; shocks that are seeping slightly; or the air filter that is somewhat dirty.    (Remember, a slightly dirty air filter will NOT affect your fuel mileage.   Advanced electronic engine controls compensate for this on vehicles made since 1995.   A truly plugged air filter should be replaced, however, because it will cut engine power.) ... read more



Everyday driver habits to save on fuel costs

Fuel costs are rising.   Following are ways to save money at the pump.   Check tire pressure at least monthly.   Tire pressures are found on the driver’s doorjamb or in the owner’s manual.   Pressures written on the tires are a maximum pressure, not the recommended pressure.   Low tire pressure can reduce fuel mileage by 5 percent and create a safety hazard.   Always check tire pressure when the tires are cold or cool, not after freeway driving.   It is best to have your own tire pressure gauge.   They cost less than $5.    Drive smoothly, anticipate traffic lights, and refrain from quick starts.   Act as if there is an egg under your gas pedal, and accelerate slowly.    Watch the traffic lights ahead so you don’t have to use your brakes.   Plan your route, and get to know the traffic lights.   Every time you use your brakes, you waste en ... read more


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