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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Who owns what in the auto industry?

Who owns what in the auto industry?

An interesting thing to consider in the automotive world is who owns the vehicles we drive. I still remember the slogan “Buy American”, which originated during the time when the Japanese vehicles started to come into this country. I heard that the bigger car manufacturers were not bothered by the Japanese vehicles in the 60s. But as the 70s came and the Japanese vehicles were gaining more and more market share, that concern flourished. One thing for sure: competition results in better products, because people cast their votes with were they spend money. The consumer’s wins in this, for vehicles today are of the highest quality ever. As per other articles I have written, vehicles are the most technologically advanced thing most of us ever own. But who are the competitors, and who owns what in the world of automobiles imported into or made in this country? Here’s a breakdown of the major players competing in the global auto industry:     &nbs ... read more


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