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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Complex vehicles, complex problems

Complex vehicles, complex problems

Newer vehicles are getting more complex all the time - so much that they are the most sophisticated technological item in most people’s lives, and nothing else comes close. With all of its interconnected engine, transmission, suspension, brake, traction, safety, navigation and other controls, a modern vehicle is one of the most complex tech items in the world. New high-end cars operate on about 100 million lines of software code; only Google can top that at 2 billion! By contrast, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner has about 14 million lines of code, a F35 fighter jet about 24 million. A newer vehicle not only drives down the road, but stop safely, round corners precisely, accelerates smoothly, have very comfortable cabins, and are able to operate in temperatures from -30 to 130 degrees. They can drive down very bumpy roads, go from below sea level (Death Valley) and up to 13800 feet (Mauna Kea) and do this with incredible reliability. It just boggles my mind, but soon cars will be able t ... read more


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