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What is your risk factor with your vehicle?

Your risk factor has to do with how you repair and maintain your vehicle.

I had a husband and wife come into the shop last week with a check engine light on. Our shop scanned the control unit in their SUV and found 2 different items that the code scanner read. We also found a bad battery, it was over due for an oil change by 5,000 miles, and was well over due for a major service.

It was the wife’s SUV but the husband was to make all the calls on the needed repair on this vehicle. His first comment was “it didn't need a battery” but I did explain that it is a very scientific approach in checking a battery condition and it flunked the test very badly. It was the only time that the wife said anything about the vehicle, that it was starting very slowly.

As conversation about this vehicle proceeded, it became very apparent that the husband was a risk taker. He didn't want to make this a dependable vehicle for his wife to drive. “She has a cell phone and towing insurance” so she is covered. A battery is a battery, right?

Risk Factor SignWhat needs to be determined in ownership of your vehicle is your risk factor in ownership. It is best for whoever drives the vehicle to be the person who chooses what kind of maintenance their vehicle receives. If you like to keep your vehicle for a long time with few problems, do the proper maintenance. Take it to your favorite shop and discuss what your plans are, how long you plan to keep the car and what maintenance they recommend to keep your vehicle dependable for the life you plan to keep it.

I am one who likes to know if I’m going to be able to get from point “A” to point “B”. I did have a customer who likes the unpredictability of his poorly maintained vehicle. He went on to tell me all about his fun adventures he had when his vehicle broke down, even making a great friend in Idaho, who he met after spending two weeks getting his vehicle repaired there.

Proper maintenance in the beginning life of your vehicle prolongs the age of the vehicle drastically. As the human body, good care through your life makes getting older more enjoyable. It is up to you on both!

- George Rode


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