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Autohaus Eugene - Best repair shop to date, Boom!I've gone to Autohaus twice now for big fixes. They provided me with fast answers, excellent communication, and **extremely** friendly service. They have amazing problem-solving abilities: They found things within minutes that the dealership missed for years. They were able to quickly determine the priority of repairs based on the severity, and figure out which parts to order (and which to hold for later) to keep the cost down. And the cost was always within the quoted price. They were able to provide me with a loaner car for both my repairs. The frosting on top... Jesse and his team are ridiculously nice guys! I've had three Mercedes over a span of almost 20 years... been to all the major dealerships countless times, lots of small independent repair shops, and I've never had such an amazing experience as this. Twice is more than a coincidence: These guys are Johnny-on-the-spot, and this is the repair house I've been searching for!Thank you Autohaus!!!


My vehicle suddenly developed radiator issues (thanks to my last, now defunct, autoshop leaving tools in the engine compartment). Autohaus was able to recommend a great towing company, called me the next day with an estimate, and an estimate for completion of repair.They came in a touch under their low ball estimate, were done on time, and treated me like a real person. If you have a German car that goes by a two letter abbreviation, you know after dealing with the local dealership how much you crave good service at a good price. I love that the Autohaus has highly knowledgeable staff, a great sense of humor, and they spend more time looking me in the eye and talking to me as an equal instead of staring at my most excellent rack.


Really...this is THE place in Eugene for your German auto. I could not be more pleased with everyone I deal with there, and yes I have recommended to others.


Love the staff. I trust them completely. They take great care of our cars.


Great service and knowledge of european automobiles.


Jessie and his crew at Autohaus have always bent over backwards to serve. Murphy's Law seems to dictate when cars break down. While unemployed, they provided some free advice on a radiator valve that saved my bacon. This was right after BMW of Eugene told me to take a walk. "If we aren't doing the repairs, we won't give you advice." Never mind that I'd already spent thousands in their shop. Never again! And when I buy that new Bimmer it won't be at their dealership.More recently, I was headed to California to get married when my 3 Series started stalling and sputtering. Jessie had the car in, fixed, back on the road in 2 days and I was on my way.Excellent folks. Excellent work. Highly recommend.


If you like paying for a fancy storefront and pushy service this is the place for you.

We don't make the news, we just give the customer the news. We are not a pushy service point. If something needs to be repaired, we give them the news. Not knowing who this is, I can't say. I did notice that they were unhappy with another business too, gave them a one star. If they would like to email me, I can get to the bottom of this. Jesse is a wonderful service manager.

- Autohaus

Auto Haus is reliable and their service is great. I do not think they are overly expensive. They are the best service I have found in town, hands down!


I had the unfortunate opportunity to require Autohaus' services a couple weeks ago when my car refused to start, stranding me in Eugene when I was trying to return from a conference.I had a choice between Autohaus or Sheppard's Volkswagen, and I generally shy away from dealerships for service if at all possible. I checked out Autohaus' website, was impressed and so had AAA drop my car off there. It cause no small stress to just leave my car sitting on the street across from their business on a Saturday night until they opened Monday morning, but I had to be back in Tillamook for work, so there was no way around it. I filled out their information envelope and dropped my key in the key drop, sent up a prayer, and left my baby 2 1/2 hours from home for how long I knew not.Jessie from Autohaus gave me a call on Monday morning. He advised he was going to be checking my car out and would get back to me with an estimate. I don't like feeling this way, but I was pretty much at his/their mercy--I needed my car fixed, they had it, and I wasn't going to get it back until they got it running.They checked it all out, found the problem, remedied it and had it ready for me to pick up (after hours again) the next Friday evening.If I was in Eugene, I would have no reservations about taking my car here for regular service. They seem to be a reputable business, doing their thing for over 30 years now, corporately responsible, etc., etc. Give their website a look and if you have a European car and are in the Eugene area, give them a call and see what they can do for you.

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